Morning Star, July 6, 2006

Britain - Last surviving Irish Brigader honoured

RMT delegates honoured Bob Doyle, the last surviving Irish member of the International Brigade, and vowed to keep up the fight against fascism yesterday.

Mr Doyle was born in 1916 and grew up in conditions of great poverty. Sporting his International Brigade beret, he told conference how he had become politicised as a merchant seaman and felt compelled to travel to Spain to fight the fascist armies of General Franco.

He thanked RMT for its hospitality and for its ongoing progressive campaigns.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow saluted Mr Doyle and noted that, between them, the National Union of Railwayman and National Union of Seamen had sent over 130 members to fight in the brigade.

"These people gave up everything, including their lives, for democracy," Mr Crow said.

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