Bob Doyle's speech at Jarama 2008

71st Anniverary of the Battle of Jarama
Madrid-Morata de Tajuña 1937-2008

It is right and proper that today we remember the struggles of the past, and that we honour those that sacrificed their lives in the fight for freedom and justice. Here in Spain, and later throughout Europe many lives were sacrificed in order to defeat fascism, an ugly manifestation of capitalism. While we remember the past let us not forget that capitalism has not been defeated. The system that puts private profit above public welfare is now more powerful than ever.

A corporation like the American supermarket chain Walmart has a turnover greater than the economies of many countries. Their power and wealth allows them to pursue profit without regard to human suffering.

Around the world we see the mass of the earth's population without health or education, without sufficient food to eat or clean water to drink. The villages in Nigeria where corporations like Shell Oil are extracting record profits are heavily polluted and women must undergo caesarean operations without anaesthetics.

The enemy now has sophisticated public relations and must be opposed by different means than in the past. Today we must organise and educate and make sure that the truth about the world we live in is heard and understood. This is the best way to remember and honour those who fought and died in the past.

La lucha continúa

Bob Doyle

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