Cork and the Spanish Civil War

David Convery, a Cork researcher, has written a dissertation for University College Cork on the local men in the Spanish Civil War.

In my opinion I think it is a very good piece of work, going into some depth on those on both sides of the war from the area.

It is now available here as a 43 page pdf document.

Minor correction. Based on the available evidence, David listed Vincent Crompton as Cork volunteer. Since he wrote his piece a report from The Times, 28th October 1939, has been located. In this report Crompton is being jailed for IRA bombings in Britain and the judge gets a bit upset because there is no Irish connection in his family. He was born in Wigan in 1903. The main reason to mention this is to stop the story circulating further. Neither David nor I thought we should start editing the text he presented to his university.

Ciaran Crossey, 5th March 2007